August Newsletter 2017

August President’s Message

July has been here and gone and we are well into August. Lots has happened since the last message.
Our annual Membership BBQ was a great success. There was a great turn out and all who attended had a great feast. There was plenty of pig which was provided by Del Monte Meats in Pocatello. Many thanks to Allison Geisler for chairing the responsibility to make this happen.
The outdoor pistol ranges are completed. They look great!! There are also a new plate rack, a dueling tree, and PT Hostage target to shoot in the middle pistol bay. Steel challenge plates and paper targets are available to shoot on the east pistol bay. A quick reminder to all members who shoot at these two outdoor pistol bays- For safety purposes, do not bring in and shoot additional targets with the exception of paper targets attached on stands in brackets that are provided for this purpose.
With fall approaching, we will see many folks sighting in rifles before the hunting season. Please be patient and safe with others on the range.
On another note- We are looking for a dedicated individual to be chairman of the lower rifle range. If you are interested, please contact me.
Thank You,
Jed Taylor, President

Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of Aug. 2, 2017

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Rod Cross, Mike Curnutt, Stuart McKim, Randy Shiosaki, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, David Davids, Jake Black, James Martin, and Chris Jenneiahn.
The meeting was called to order at 7PM by president, Jed Taylor.
Treasurer’s Report: James reported that we have $48,00+ in our accounts.
Committee Reports:
Upper Rifle Range– David reported that all is well on that range.
.22 Range– Chuck said there was a problem with the chickens on this range, all is okay now.
Outdoor pistol bays- Travis reported that someone has been removing the steel targets from one bay to another. ALL METAL TARGETS ON THE PISTOL RANGES ARE TO BE LEFT AS PLACED! THEY ARE NOT TO BE MOVED TO ANY OTHER RANGE.
Trap– Bill said all is well on the trap range. They could have more participation.
Sporting Clays– James reported all is well on the sporting clays range. 2 pallets of birds were recently delivered for the trap and clays ranges. It was mentioned that an organization is possibly interested in hosting a registered shoot at our range next year as it has been noted as one of the top 2 sporting clays ranges in the state. This will need to be looked into.
Calendar- Larry said all is up to date on the calendar.
Old Business: Annual BBQ- A HUGE THANKS to Allison Geisler for organizing this again this year. The dinner was delicious with the roasted pig and all who brought the side dishes. Thanks to all 80 plus members who came to enjoy.
New Business: Jed reported that the paper work for our club becoming a 501 (c) 3 is closer to becoming a reality as all the paper work has now been submitted.
New members were accepted into the club and given an orientation of the range.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary