August Newsletter 2019

Cedar Hills Gun Club Meeting
August 7, 2019

Board members present:  Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, James Martin, Mike Katseanes, Mike Marquette, David Davids, and Chris Jenneiahn

The meeting was opened by Vice President, Terry Hansen at 7PM.

Treasurer’s Report:
James reported that we are financially solid.  There are no major expenses expected for the rest of the year.  All financial statements were previously sent to board members and approved.

Committee Reports:
Upper Range- David reported that the range is looking good.  There was a comment about debris left on the range and when checked, found out to be left by the contractor who we are still waiting to finish his commitment to the range.


Lower Covered Range- Kelle Johnson reported that the rotating gong needs repair again.  He will ask Dave Tanner to repair this.

Outdoor Rifle Silhouette Range- Chuck McAbery reported that there will be Thursday night shooting throughout August.  Starting time is about 5:15.  Thee is room for 8 shooters at a time for the 40 round matches.

Outdoor Pistol Ranges- It was noted that the West pistol range berm needs to be raised.

Indoor Pistol Range- Mike K. reported that the range is okay and reminds members that they need to qualify to use this range.  It is suggested this be done after the monthly meetings.

Trap- Bill reported that there will be no trap tomorrow, but trap will continue to be shot on Thursday evenings until the end of September.

Multi Purpose Range- the need for a table was discussed.  It was proposed that 2 benches and tables be added.  A reminder- This range is for pistol and rifle only NO SHOTGUN ALLOWED ON THIS RANGE!
This item is referred to the board for discussion next month.

Sporting Clays- James reported that the Summer Shootout garnered over $2,000 for their group.  This money is placed in a special fund, not in the general fund.  Monies in this fund are going toward the purchase of a large container for storing
clays, thereby eliminating climbing steps to store the pallets of boxes delivered.

Larry announced that he will be instructing a class on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th for anyone who wants to become an instructor.  The basic shotgun class costs $50.

The Youth Sporting Clays shoot will be Sept 28th.

New members were introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, secretary