August Newsletter 2018

President’s Message

August 2018

The first weeks of August are looking at record breaking heat. With this in mind and several fires in the area, please remember that the club DOES NOT ALLOW EXPLODING TARGETS, TRACER BULLETS OR STEEL JACKETED BULLETS to be shot at Cedar Hills Gun Club.

Watch for Emails from Larry Taylor concerning the time for qualification to use the indoor range. Sorry for the inconvenience this summer, but due to misuse and damage to the indoor range by a few, all had to bear the inconvenience.

With hunting season approaching, there is a lot more activity at the range. Please be patient and courteous to other club members. Remember that any guest MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A MEMBER. Recently it came to our attention that a member allowed non-members to use his gate pass to enter and use the range. This is a safety and liability issue as well as disregarding the member card agreement and club rules agreement . DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE ELSE TO USE YOUR GATE PASS!!!! Please wear your lanyard while on the range.

The Budget committee will be working on the 2019 budget soon and extending our 5 year goals out another year. There are many items planned at this time for 2019, but if there are any ideas to help improve our range, please contact one of the range chairmen or board of directors and share your thoughts. When doing so, remember that we need not only the idea, but how it will be accomplished, who will help move it forward, what it will cost and how it will be paid. Thank you for your support and enjoy what is left of the summer.
Jed Taylor,

Cedar Hills Gun Club Meeting

August 1, 2018

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Mike Curnutt, Bill Kelleher, Rod Cross, David Davids, Jake Black, James Martin, Larry Taylor Randy Shiosaki, Ron Weaver, and Chris Jenneiahn.
The meeting was called to order by president Jed Taylor at 7 PM.
Treasurer’s Report: The board has looked at the financials for the previous month and found to be correct.
Range reports:
Upper range: this range is in good shape. A request to remind people to stay off the berms was made. We also need a reminder that there are to be NO EXPLODING TARGETS used on any of the range.
Sporting Clays: There are 7 teams of 2 men each for the sporting clays league which will shoot through Sept. 8th. There is still time for anyone who wants to participate. A $25 entry fee for each person is requested.
Calendar: Larry said he is adding the the National Hunting and Fishing day which is also our Annual Sight In Day at the range. It is always the 4th Saturday in September. Additional information will be posted next month. This is a chance for qualified shooters to help at the range. Indoor range: The committee who has looked to solve the problem of how to allow safe use of our indoor range has completed its work. More information will be given as soon as all the details are finalized.
Outdoor Pistol range: The multi-use range needs work! Old tires, weeds, and other items on this range need to be removed. Upgrades for this range have been discussed.
Sporting Clays: James reported on the recent 3 day sporting clay event that started at CHGC on Friday, Sun Valley on Saturday and finished at Burley on Sunday. They had 25 registered shooters here and netted about $1,800.
NEA grant: We have a new furnace, tables and chairs, and two ADA compliant bathrooms. All has been funded by the Friends of the NRA grant we received.
Fish and Game grant: We have been told we were approved for $6,200 in grant money to replace the present steps and rails to the upper range. The contractor who will provide the work will start this project as soon as he is able.
Cipher lock system: The new system is now in operation. The system allows one card to open the gate, the 5 Stand building, and the indoor range.
Trap monitor system: The voice activated pullers for the trap range should be shipped next Monday. This will allow shooters to call their own birds.
Gate barriers: We will soon have concrete barriers placed to ensure no damage being done to the card reader and the gate.
FOR SALE: If you are interested in purchasing the foosball table located in the clubhouse, please call either Jed at 208-681-4000 or Chris at 208-681-3584 and give them your bid. The table is in good condition, just needs a new home. All bids must be in by our next meeting on September 5th.
4H donation: Travis Risa and Kyle Pratt both had children participate in 4H animal projects this year. The board granted each youngster $200.
2019 Dues: As in previous years, anyone who, after October 1st, requests membership for CHGC will be granted the rest of this year in addition to 2019 membership.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary