August Newsletter 2016

August President’s Message

The longest day of the year has passed and we are at the tail end of summer. Farmers are harvesting their crops and before you know it, the days will be cooler. But first, there are a lot of fun activities to enjoy. Sporting Clays had their August Fun Shoot and the word I hear was that it was enjoyed by all who attended. All who were there won a prize from Cabela’s. Joe’s restaurant provided the great food. There is only one Fun Shoot left for the summer, coming up on September 10th. This should be a great event. It will be at this event that the raffle for the Browning 725 Sporting shotgun will be drawn. If you have not purchased a ticket, go on line and obtain one or call Chris Jenneiahn, 681-3584, or any of our board of directors, or me for your chance to win this $2700 shotgun. We continue to add new members each month and it is appreciated the way current members welcome them and help show them what our range has to offer. Please invite them to our league shoots for Trap, Sporting Clays, and Rimfire Silhouette shoots that occur on Thursday evenings beginning at 5:30 pm and go until finished.
We have had many members ask where to pay the $5.00 non-member fee when they bring a guest. There is now a secure drop box as you exit the range. A sign will soon be placed on the box indicating its use. Until another box that will be mounted on the clubhouse is finished, please deposit the fees in this box. Again, thank you for all your support. It’s exciting to be a member of Cedar Hills Gun Club.
Jed Taylor President


Cedar Hills Gun Club
Minutes of August 3, 2016

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Rod Cross, Mike Curnutt, Ron Weaver, Mike Layng, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, and Chris Jenneiahn
Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross gave a detailed report listing all income and expenditures. We have $32K in savings and $12K in our checking account. July Fun Shoot- About 4,000 birds were shot. Over 30 competitors had a great day at our range and made use of our Sporting Clays and 5 Stand courses.
Committee Reports: Lower Range– Mike reported that the gong that is supposed to be located on the 200 yard range has been moved. Apparently, someone decided they needed it closer. Rod Jenneiahn said he would bring his tractor and put it where it belongs.
Indoor Range– No concerns Trap– Bill reported that all was well on this range Web page– According to a member, this needs to be attended to- After June 16th , it stops scrolling. Terry will need to look at this. We were asked if the lower range could be mowed. Mike Adams said he would take care of it. James Martin reported that the 4 wheeler needs some work. He is also looking for help to set up the Sporting Clays range for the August 13th Fun Shoot. This needs to be set up Friday night. Give him a call if you can be there to help. Travis Buck reported on the 3 Gun Shoot. They had 18 shooters and over 30 spectators at this first time event at Cedar Hills. He also said he installed deflector plates on the 2×4’s on the pistol range.
Old Business: The bid on insulating the clubhouse will be forthcoming next week when the contractor will be at the club for the indoor 5 Stand building. James reported that the money boxes are done. He needs post holes dug. One box will be located at the T for the upper range and one on the clubhouse.
Member Appreciation Bar-B-Q– September 17th is the date set for this event. All members are invited. More information will be in the September newsletter. Several new members were accepted into membership and given orientations. The meeting was adjourned at 7:39
Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary