August 2015 Newsletter

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President’s Message

We have some good things planned for the month of September. The year end social for the shot gun shooters will be on Setpember 26th. I hope we can get a good crowd. I have not been able to attend the last three meetings due to some family commitments but do plan to be there in September. The range does look good even though we could use some work on the weeds. We are happy to take volunteers for the weed spraying. The mowing team has done a good job on the grass. The cottontails appreciate it. As you can see from the minutes we are working on quite a few things to improve the range.

MINUTES of August 5, 2015 Meeting

The meeting was opened at 7 PM by secretary Chris Jenneiahn. Board members present: Rod Cross, Randy Shiosaki, Bill Kelleher, Stuart McKim, Ron Weaver, Larry Taylor, Terry Hansen, and Chris Jenneiahn.

New members were introduced and will have range orientation after the meeting with Stuart.

Web site- Rod Cross brought us up to date on the new web site we will be using in a couple of months. Many questions were asked and answered as to the compatibility with our present system, the access for input for shoots, etc. We were informed that we will have a mock-up to pass around before we commit.

Soda machine- we still have problems. Not only does the old one not work, but the one that was donated does not work even with the new lock.

Shotgun News- The annual end of the year and championship for shotgun will be on Sept. 26, the same day that we have our Annual Sight In Day. This worked out well when both were scheduled for the same day. Terry said that this year the way awards will be given and how the championship shoot will be held will be by using handicaps. Anyone who has shot the required number of rounds for the summer season will be eligible for the Championship Shoot. See Terry if you have any questions.

Black Powder Cartridge Annual Event- Ron Weaver said that he has not said a date for this as yet, but will handle this like it was done last year.

.22 Rifle Silhouette Shooters- Chuck McAbrey will need to let you know when and if there is to be an end of summer event.

Jeb Taylor has reserved the shotgun range for August 19th for the Realtors’ Assn. He expects about 60-80 folks. This means that the shotgun range and the clubhouse will be reserved for this group.

A problem with puncture weeds was brought up. It sounds as if we need to be more vigilant to eradicate this noxious weed!!

PROBLEM ON UPPER RANGE!! It was brought to our attention that rocks have been placed on the rails on the upper range as targets. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!! If you are one of the folks who has been guilty of this, please stop! Use the gongs!!

Larry Taylor reported that the Johnny Appleseed event scheduled for October has been canceled.

Rod Cross advised us to start thinking of a new logo for the club.

A wish list is being created and we need your input. Take a look around or think of things that could be either changed or added to our gun club to benefit the range or clubhouse. Ideas can consist of small as well as bigger, more costly things that can be done to improve our range. The board will put together the list at the next meeting. If you have any ideas for improvement, either see or call Chris at 681-3584.



September 2nd

Monthly Meeting – 7pm @ the Club House

September 19th

BPCR Silhouette Match, 7 am, Upper Range

September 26th

Annual Sight In Day at CHGC