April Newsletter 2018

April President’s Message

Hopefully, spring will soon be here with sunny days and warmer temperatures. I think are all tired of the winds. But as it is often said, “It could be worse.” With spring, comes spring cleaning, and the Range’s cleaning day is fast approaching. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 5th, to come out and help clean the range. Clean up starts about 8 AM. With many hands to help, the work time will be short.

The clubhouse furnace has been installed, the new tables and chairs have arrived, and the new bathrooms will soon be remodeled, thanks to the Friends of the NRA grant. The upgrades will make it more comfortable and convenient for member meetings and events in the future.

Black Powder Cartridge shoots are now scheduled for the third Saturday of the month. Come out and observe if you would like to see what this event entails.

The shotgun 5-stand building is still set up with the two courses of fire, but things will change the last week in April. Many of the trap machines will be moved up to the sporting clays course for the summer. There will still be a six trap course set up at the 5-stand building for summer shooting. A card vending machine has been ordered to allow pre-loaded cards to be purchased 7 days a week. It will be compatible for both the 5-stand course and sporting clays course.

The indoor range is still seeing damage and safety concerns. Until the problems on this range are resolved, the indoor range will be closed until further notice. Please remember, SAFETY FIRST, and ALWAYS wear HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION at all times while on the range.

Thank you,
Jed Taylor, president

Cedar Hills Gun Club Meeting

April 4, 2018

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Larry Taylor, James Martin, Bill Kelleher, Stuart McKim, Rod Cross, Mike Curnutt, Randy Shiosaki, David Davids, and Chris Jenneiahn

Treasurer’s Report: James announced that we are solvent and doing well. The furnace, tables and chairs and bathroom upgrades to be ADA compliant, have been purchased with the NRA grant. Gordon Wankier and Bill Kelleher will assemble the carts to hold the tables and chairs next week.

Committee Reports:
Upper Range- David Davids reported that it was wet and muddy on this range, but they will start holding their 3rd Saturday of the month shoots this month. They start by 10 and are finished by 4. If anyone wants to shoot this event, they will be welcomed.

Lower covered range- Gordon Wankier reported that they have the gongs put out and new carpeting on the tables will be installed this week. This range goes out to 200 yards.

.22 Range- this range is about ready for the summer season.

Pistol range- The outdoor pistol ranges are in good shape.

Indoor range- There have been problems on this range with holes in the ceiling. A committee has been charged to find a solution to this problem.

Trap- Bill Kelleher reported that they will start shooting next Thursday if the weather is good. Shooting starts about 5 PM.

Sporting Clays: James reported that there has been a lot of shooting on Saturday. Purchasing a vending machine where shooters can either use cash or a credit card to purchase birds will enable shooters greater access to using the range.

Calendar: Larry Taylor reported that when reserving a range, the person needs to also state the time needed for the range. The calendar is doing well.

Web: Terry reported that we need to upgrade the software to reprogram our web.

Lawn care- Jed and Mike Adams will meet after the meeting to discuss what we need to do.

Old Business: May Clean-Up Day- This is the 5th of May, the first Saturday in May. Members who are willing to help with this are asked to be at the clubhouse at 8 AM. It is usually finished about 10. There will be no highway clean-up, only range and clubhouse maintenance.

New members were introduced and Stuart gave a range orientation. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Jenneiahn, secretary