April Newsletter 2016

Cedar Hills Gun Club

April President’s Message

Spring is beginning to show its warmth on us and along with that a lot of work has been going on out at the Gun Range.  If you have not been out to the club recently, please make time to come and see the several changes that are happening.  The most obvious change is on the pistol range.  Gale Lim Construction, along with Western States Equipment, teamed up to move the pistol range berms allowing for 3 separate pistol ranges which will also provide for installation of a skeet range in the future.  The 5 Stand building location has been staked out and construction will begin approximately April 18th.

Items to place on your calendar: Coming up on May 7th, our annual Hwy. and Range Clean-up Day.  Please plan to attend to help polish the range.  The Black Powder Cartridge monthly shoots have begun with good participation.  The sporting clays course is in the process of being set up with the new stands with sponsor signs attached.  The league shoots for both the sporting clays and trap will begin the first week in May. They will be on Thursdays beginning about 5:30 pm.  The .22 rim fire league shoots will also begin on the first Thursday in May.  Please bring your shooting friends to participate and enjoy the good activities.

Looking forward to seeing you at the range.

Jed Taylor, President


Minutes of the April 6th meeting

Board members present: Jed Taylor, Terry Hansen, Rod Cross, Larry Taylor, Mike Layng, Ron Weaver, Bill Kelleher, Mike Curnutt, Randy Shiosaki, and Chris Jenneiahn.

The meeting was opened at 7 pm by President Jed Taylor.

Treasurer’s Report: Rod Cross presented the March income and expenses.  He also reported that as of   March 31st, we have 504 members.


President’s Report: 

  1.  Jed reported for Kevin Kotter who priced the plate needed for silhouette targets for the upper range.  It is $1200 for a 8’ x 24’ panel.  There will be no charge for the silhouettes for the .22 range as they are smaller and  can be cut from scraps.
  2. The survey of our range boundaries showed that we needed to reposition our sporting clays range. The layout has been changed.

Committee Reports:

Upper Range: Kevin Kooda will have about 40 Boy Scouts working on the upper range on a service project.

Lower Range: Mike Layng- 6 New gongs have been placed on the range.    The 200 yard berm has also been extended.

.22 Range: Chuck McAbery- .22 Rifle silhouette will start Thursday,  May 5th at 5:30.  He has an extra gun if someone doesn’t have one and would like to shoot.

Pistol Range: Al Goehringer- We now have a 75 yard and two 50 yard pistol ranges.  Please pick up after you shoot to keep our ranges looking good for the next shooter.

Indoor Range: The indoor range will soon be painted and the cardboard will be disposed of.  Mike K. will give orientations over the phone to make the range available for those who want access.

Trap Range: Bill Kelleher- All is ready to start on Thursday, May 5th.

Sporting Clays: Bruce Thompson- The sporting clays range has been laid out.  Throwers will be positioned next weekend.  There are 11 stations and 16 throwers.

Calendar: Larry Taylor- Larry reported that he is keeping the times posted when putting events on the calendar.

Web Master: Terry Hansen- The web site pictures are outdated.  If you have some good pics of the range or events on the range, please send them to Terry at the chgcid@gmail.com address.

Clubhouse:  The clubhouse looks clean and neat.  If you use the facility, please stack all chairs and put tables away after use.

Old Business:

  1. Money box for non-member payment and events.  There are 3 boxes on the range for this purpose.
  2. Annual Hwy. and Range Clean-Up Day May 7th. Please be at the range by 9 am to help with this annual project.
  3. Annual Membership summer BBQ- Sept. 17th.
  4. Sponsored Events- Thursday, May 5th will start the shotgun and .22 silhouette events. Black Powder Cartridge shoots on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
  5. Member Email- If you are not receiving the Email newsletter, click on the link for this on the web site.
  6. New Brochure- Kelle Johnson reported that the first 35 new brochures have been printed by Modern Printing. More will be printed soon.
  7. Open House-On June 18th, the third Saturday in June, Cedar Hills Gun Club, in conjunction with the Bingham County Sheriff’s Dept. will host an Open House for the community. Fingerprinting for concealed carry permits, a demo on sporting clays, free drawings for prizes, and many other activities are being planned.

13 new members were accepted into membership tonight.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50


Respectfully submitted,

Chris Jenneiahn, Secretary